Hello, Working Professionals!

Have you ever wondered how it feels to…Know yourself, know what you want, AND know how to get it?

After experiencing challenges at work, are you left thinking…What is my purpose? Am I actually on the road to my dream future?

Well, there is a magic pill! The solution is called: Self-confidence, getting clarity about what you want, and removing your fears and blocks.


Moumita Paul

Are you ready for absolute emotional intelligence at work… AND a concrete path to a career that makes you feel incredible?
Then I can help you! Let’s fix those problems, and take control of your life & happiness with my 1:1 coaching.

I’m Moumita Paul, a senior product manager turned emotional wellness coach.

I have 15 years of experience at the corporate level of companies like Amazon, and Walt Disney. Believe me when I say: I know what you’re going through!

My coaching is about finding the root cause of any issue, coming up with an action plan, and supporting you in achieving transformation. The results of working with me will look like this…

Average client satisfaction score: 8.88 out of 10.
Anxiety, anger, and sadness reduction by 80% in just one session

Wondering if this is right for you? No worries.. Book a FREE 45 minutes call with me!

We’ll have a chat to check if we’re a good fit for each other. If we identify a real need, we’ll discuss the possibility of a coaching journey together.

Don't let the fast-paced environment run your life. Create your own happiness at work.

Working with me (single session) looks like…

  • 2-hour online, private coaching sessions (Video calls using Zoom or Google Meet)
  • Session exercises & guided techniques to handle your challenges
  • A realistic action plan & workbook to elevate your life
  • 100% Refund within 30 days for single sessions if you are not satisfied with my coaching.
  • Check out the FAQs for more details before booking me.
Client Love

My 1:1 Coaching is totally for you if you…

  • Are left exhausted by office politics, difficult managers, teammates, or colleagues
  • Find it hard to stick to a job
  • Experience sudden changes at work or fearful of making a change
  • Struggle with overthinking the same issues repeatedly
  • Need to communicate more efficiently and don’t know how
  • Can’t see/find your purpose
  • Not sure of your own strengths, doubting yourself, unconfident
  • Are ready to get to know yourself, and your needs on a deeper level and committed to being happy

How can we get self-doubt, lack of clarity, and impostor syndrome out of the way?

  • By finding the beliefs and behaviors that are holding you back
  • Developing the best skills for you to communicate efficiently
  • Letting go of self-sabotaging mechanisms and emotional blocks
  • Connecting with your ‘future self’ to see the limitless possibilities that you hold
  • Turning challenges into opportunities by taking charge of your life instead of depending on others
  • Rooting your sense of self-worth in who you are instead of seeking external validation
  • Starting to find & listen to your inner wisdom and observing the positives even during setbacks

And then the most fun part…

  • Creating a bullet-proof strategy to move toward your dream life
  • Realizing your dream life!

Choose Your Investment

Single session
Price: $150 USD
Price: $500 USD
3 month coaching package
Sold Out
6 month coaching package
Sold Out

Each coaching package contains:

  1. Coaching packages are a bundle of multiple sessions and the benefits are slightly different from a single session.
  2. One-on-one, private coaching, once every 2 weeks, for the duration of the package. Conducted online over a video call.
  3. Personalized and guided, self-help techniques that will last you a lifetime.
  4. Custom, easy-to-do action plan to help you achieve your goals.
  5. A workbook to track your problems, emotions, action plan, and results.
  6. Exclusive chat support from me to your questions, feedback, or requests via Facebook messenger, 5 days a week (barring holidays/vacations).


Coaching is about creating behavior driven, permanent changes rather than only giving solutions.

I will ask you powerful questions to uncover root causes of your behaviour patterns. Which will cause powerful breakthroughs and transformations in the way you see your challenges. Because how we think about the challenges makes us react to them in a specific way. If you change the way you think, you will get different outcomes. Because your behaviour will change when your thinking changes.

You will notice significant changes in your fears, limiting beliefs, behaviours and thought processes. This will propels you to rapidly take specific actions that align with your value system and move towards your dream life.

While one session is sometimes all you need, most often time coaching is a minimum 1-2 months commitment to create significant, positive transformation in your life.

  • We will identify the challenges in the session. Sometimes they are more complex than you think.
  • Do some exercises in the session to solve some of them
  • Help you with a strategy of how to overcome your overall challenges.

Then you would have to follow through with the actions after our session to create those changes in your life. Overall in my coaching,

  • I will help you set, clarify and maintain focus on your goals
  • I can identify & remove your limiting beliefs, blocks or fears which are holding you back
  • I will help you establish solutions & strategies that work for you
  • I will hold you accountable – for what you say you’re going to do
  • I will encourage, support & believe in you even when you may not!
  • Together we raise your self-awareness, and self confidence

A life coach is someone that looks to empower others by helping them make, meet and exceed goals in both their personal and professional lives. As a life coach, I specialise in emotional wellness.

My methodology is that I help you your trust inner wisdom instead of seeking external validation or solutions outside. It will help you build confidence that no matter what the challenge is, you can overcome it. And I will also guide you with the necessary steps you need to take to do that.

Mentoring is about sharing one’s own experience of how a person overcame a challenge. That doesn’t work always because you are a unique individual with unique value systems, priorities and strengths. What will work for someone else will not work for you. Hence I don’t do mentoring.

Therapy: Emotional wellness coaching is not therapy either. Because I don’t need to know your past to help you with your present challenges. I can help you where ever you are stuck right now. If you need someone to simply hear you, empathize with you or vent, I’d highly recommend you seek therapy instead of coaching.

We will deep dive into your situation, uncover hidden mental blocks and find solutions to your personal struggles. You will get a workbook with an action plan to track your progress towards your personal goals. Your feelings & situation will improve. Depending on your situation, you may also get some more resources like audio, links, PDFs, etc. You will be thoroughly guided at every step in what to do. You need to do the things we agreed upon in the action plan after the session for the best results. Only then, you will accomplish your goals 100%

Not always. It depends on the problem and your goals. Sometimes you may just need one session to notice tremendous transformations in your life. Other times you need a planned approach to make certain important changes in your life, for which you may need a coaching package (multiple sessions). This can be discussed in our session.

  • You need to fill up the intake form before you come for the session. It will save us some time in the session. Because you would not have to explain your problems. I would know them from your intake form. If you haven’t received your intake form, reach out to me at support@abetterliving.co.
  • You need to bring a pen and paper because we might do some exercises in the session to help you. Digital notepads are also okay to use.
  • Try being in a place where you have privacy and can talk freely.
  • Also please come on time.
  • Phone must be on silent mode or out of sight.

Single session have 100% refund guarantee within 30 days if you are not satisfied. Coaching packages have no refunds. If you are not satisfied with the sessions in a coaching package, you need to honestly communicate that to me so that I can make the appropriate changes for you and to your action plan. Please check the cancellation and refund policy before making any purchase.

While individual sessions are good for one time problems, coaching is for long term goals and transformations. You need guidance, constant support and an coach who can hand hold you accountable in your journey and deliver the results that you seek.

In one session we can only identify your vision for the future, the problem you want to solve and have a general action plan as to how to approach it. But in a coaching package, you get full access to me via Facebook Messenger chat and can reach out to me with your questions anytime.

You will get help between our sessions when you stumble upon roadblocks, change your plan of action and receive encouragement when you feel low in motivation. And as your coach, I will keep you accountable to stay true to your purpose and help you finally achieve it. By the end of the 2-3 months of coaching, you will notice transformation in yourself and your life.

Coaching package prices are different from 1:1 sessions and are customised based on your unique goals. Coaching packages typically have 4 sessions (spaced across 2 months), or 6 sessions (3 months) or 12 sessions (6 months) bundled. I am also open to custom number of sessions. Each session is 2 hour long. Set up a free intro call to understand the right coaching package for you. Or contact me at support@abetterliving.co

Still, hesitating? Book a free, 45-minute discovery call to find out how I can help you.