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Hello, working professionals! Do any of these resonate with you?

  1. Do you overthink the same problem repeatedly?
  2. Do you dislike your work?
  3. Have you had your team changed suddenly?
  4. Have you been laid off without notice?
  5. Have you been criticized in front of other team members?
  6. Have you been rejected for jobs or promotions?
  7. Do you have difficulty getting along with other team members?

Then work with me and enter your best life version! I am an emotional wellness coach and I can help you-

  • Handle sudden changes and build emotional resilience. Setbacks will not dent your confidence again!
  • Stop overthinking and regain your focus and boost daily productivity.
  • Overcome fears of losing something and work-related stress. Move towards your goals fearlessly!
  • Stop doubting yourself or your decisions due to rejections or criticisms. You will learn how to turn challenges into opportunities.
  • Get a step-by-step action plan to pursue your dream life.
  • Develop & maintain good relationships without compromising on your needs. Your success will skyrocket!
Moumita Paul

Charges: Rs 2780 ($35) per session. Each session is 2 hours long.

Average client satisfaction score: 8.68 out of 10. Anxiety, anger, and sadness reduction by 80%


All sessions will be conducted virtually over a video call (Zoom or Google Meet). If you are connecting with me for the first time, you can choose the free, 30-minute introduction call.

In this call, you can ask me any doubts, or queries that you may have! I can also walk you through how I work and how I can help you with your unique challenges. Do note that no coaching will be done in our introduction call.

If you want a single coaching session with me, then proceed with booking one session.

By booking me, you accept the Terms & Conditions. Please also refer to our cancellation & refund policy before booking.

For inquiries and questions, please email me at

During the session, you may have to do some written exercises or take notes on your action plan. So bring a pen and paper or keep your digital notepad handy. You will receive a workbook, session evaluation form, links, or free resources after the session, depending on the kind of issue you are facing.

You will notice improvement from the first session itself. But to get big results, you have to do the things in your action plan after the session too. So choose me only if you want to change your life.

Click on the Free Intro call button before booking. We will discuss your goals and how we can work together before you decide to book me.

Real client workbook samples and improvements after sessions


We will deep dive into your situation, uncover hidden mental blocks and find solutions to your personal struggles. You will get a workbook with an action plan to track your progress towards your personal goals. Your feelings & situation will improve. Depending on your situation, you may also get some more resources like audio, links, PDFs, etc. You will be thoroughly guided at every step in what to do. You need to do the things we agreed upon in the action plan after the session for the best results. On continued sessions, you will accomplish your goals 100%

Not always. It depends on the problem and your goals. Sometimes you may just need one session to notice tremendous shifts in your life. Sometimes you need a planned approach to make certain important changes in your life, for which you may need a coaching package (multiple sessions). This can be discussed in our session.

You need to bring a pen and paper because we might do some exercises in the session to help you. Try being in a place where you have privacy and can talk freely. Also please come on time.

If you are not satisfied with the sessions, you need to honestly communicate that to me so that I can make the appropriate changes to your action plan. Please check the cancellation and refund policy before making any purchase.

While individual sessions are good for one time problems, coaching is for long term goals and transformations. You need guidance, constant support and an accountability partner who can hand hold you in your journey and deliver the results that you seek. In one session we can only identify your vision for the future, the problem you want to solve and have a general action plan as to how to approach it. But in coaching, you get full access to me and can reach out to me with your questions anytime. You will get help when you stumble upon roadblocks, change your plan of action and receive encouragement when you feel low in motivation. And your coach will keep you accountable to stay true to your purpose and finally achieve it. By the end of the 2-3 months of coaching, your life would have changed significantly.

Coaching package prices are different from 1:1 sessions and are customised based on your unique goals. Coaching packages typically have 4 sessions (spaced across 2 months), or 6 sessions (3 months) or 12 sessions (6 months) bundled. Each session is 2 hour long. Set up a free intro call to get a quote on the right coaching package for you. Or contact me at

Reviews & Ratings

She helped me hear myself!

Rated 5 out of 5
27 September 2022

Thanks a bunch dear Moumita for your deep patience and knowledge. I do really face hard times on my career and she happened to really guide me with effective solutions which I’m sure will lead me somewhere really good for me.

She has exceptional communication skills and it was like to talking with a good friend!

Instead of thousand lovely words just – THANK YOU!

Alina | Product Manager

Response from A Better Living

Thank you for your kind words!

Moumita helped me to tackle few challenging work related scenarios

Rated 5 out of 5
31 August 2022

I got introduced to Moumita through a friend, and thanks to Moumita’s flexibility, we could connect within a week. Due to a few challenging situations, I faced last year, I was constantly debating my decisions which was draining my energy. Moumita helped me to dive deep into the problems I was in when I took that decision and reflect on the outcome in a holistic manner. When I did my homework to apply the same process to my choices, it started making sense that with the data and information I had, I would still make the same decisions today, thereby validating my decision-making process. I intend to apply this framework not only in my personal life but also in my professional life.

Sreerama Jayanthi, Director of Engineering

Response from A Better Living

I loved seeing your light bulb moment in the session. Looking forward to helping you reveal your life purpose.

Moumita helped me find peace!

Rated 5 out of 5
15 August 2022

I have known Moumita since a couple of years but to be her client and to work with her, was a pleasantly different experience altogether. She was fully engaged in my problem and listened with extreme patience and then provided me with an action plan after proper analysis. I knew right when I was talking to her, that the action plan was perfect for me and my situation. She was all in and all ears and made me feel that my feelings are valid. Her engagement and enthusiasm never dropped even till the end of the long session.

I am looking forward to working on the action plan provided to me and more sessions with her.

Saranga , Engineer, Ex-Oracle

Response from A Better Living

Thank you so much! I am rooting for you to complete your dreams!

Moumita Ma'am Made my Day

Rated 5 out of 5
23 July 2022

I can’t describe in words how great it was having a conversation with Moumita Ma’am. She listened to all my problems very carefully. Except for Moumita ma’am, I haven’t opened up to anyone in these years. At the start of the meeting i was feeling a bit tensed. but at the end I was feeling more positivity and my expression changed. At last she gave me some action plan which was very accurate. I am extremely excited to have my next meeting with Moumita Ma’am. Thanx a Ton Ma’am.

Arkam Ansari

Response from A Better Living

I felt your voice change from despair to confidence towards the end of our session. And that lit me up! That’s all I wanted to happen for you.

A friend in need is friend indeed!!

Rated 5 out of 5
23 June 2022

In today’s age and the world, loneliness has become common and the consequences can be dangerous sometimes, If you are feeling low on confidence, alone, and underestimated you have landed at the right place. I could see the sign of positivity in 1st session. She knows exactly how to introspect and gets to the root cause of your inner negative belief to remove it eventually. With different exercises like emotional Vipassana, Trauma completion process, and Power of visualization, she can truly bring positivity and you fresh start like a phoenix.

Highly recommended if you are going through such a phase. Please without waiting and worsening your situation, reach out to to book your life-changing experience.

Moumita Das, Program Manager, IIM-C Alumni

Response from A Better Living

Thanks, Moumita!

Unprocessed negative emotions were affecting my focus & concentration

Rated 4 out of 5
22 June 2022

In the very first session with Moumita, she helped me identify the areas where I should give more focus on so as to achieve my goals. She is quite clear on helping a person realize his / her goals by asking the right questions. She ensures that you are accountable for your goals and associated timelines. Last but not the least, she’s quite considerate to genuinely find solutions to your problems even if it means extra time required to deliberate for finding a solution.

Thank you Moumita ! Looking forward to insightful & exciting sessions in future as well.

Amit Singh (name changed), Manager at ONGC

Response from A Better Living

Thank you for your kind words!

Moumita Paul is an energy source!

Rated 5 out of 5
14 April 2022

I know moumita for a long and this time I got the privilege to be her client. She has this abundance of energy that she transfers to you while talking to her. She has very rich past experience of finding her purpose. In the session, I was willing to know more about myself to improve my personality. She taught me tricks and techniques to do that. She identified my strengths and weaknesses and guided me on how to use them to make better decisions in life. She boosted my confidence by showing a positive side of me. I believe her sessions can be very useful in synchronizing various aspects of one’s personality to find the real purpose. I would like to thank her for that and wish her all the best for her good work.

Rani - PhD, Consultant in Life Science

Response from A Better Living

Thanks, Rani! I am glad it helped 🙂

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