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Ever since the USA government officially released that aliens are real and we have been visited by them, I had been super curious about them. This news was published on June 2021. And I went through my spiritual awakening process from July 1st onwards. Now that I look back, the synchronicity is just amazing. I say that because I met my 4 spirit guides shortly after that. My spirit guides are from the Andromeda galaxy. I met them in my meditative states only so far, when I accessed Akashic records.

It didn’t occur to me until now that all angels, demons, and god-like beings we have read in mythologies, worshipped, met, or seen in dreams are nothing but aliens. ExtraTerrestrial (E.T) to be precise. The all-mighty God or “Source” is not comparable to them though. I have never been a religious, spiritual, or mystical person. But with my newfound knowledge, I realized that spirituality and science aren’t that different. My guides confirmed the same. My guides are at least 3000 years advanced in technology than humans.

So coming to this topic – yes aliens are real. And yes we have been visited by them often. Here’s my personal experience. Two days back I heard a mysterious sound at 3 am at night. I was awake at that time watching Instagram reels on my phone. The moment I heard that sound, I instantly recognized it as a spaceship. I ran to my balcony and then to my window to see it. But I couldn’t see anything. I kept hearing that gentle yet distinct electrical whirring of a ship, hovering very close. I frantically looked everywhere for it. Then I went back in disappointed thinking maybe I am imagining this noise or it’s something else probably. The moment I had that thought, the sound stopped immediately. As if my vibrations shifted from being able to perceive them to nothing. Later I was pondering how did I instantly recognize that sound as a spaceship without ever having seen or heard of one. I felt the answer could be that I have met them before. But my memory was probably being obscured by them.

In fact, we are still being closely monitored by them. The reason is not to abduct us :). But because they want to help us in our ascension as spiritual beings. If you are wondering why they are interested in helping us, I have to give you a brief version of the galactic history that I got to hear from Bashar. For those who don’t know who or what Bashar is, he is an actual E.T from Essassani. There is a guy named Darryl Anka who channels Bashar. Bashar has been talking to humans for the last 37 years through Darryl. Channeling is where a person allows a supposed entity (deceased spirits, aliens, angels, higher self, etc.) to use their body as a vehicle to communicate. I discovered Bashar on 1st December and have been hooked to his videos since then.

Here’s Darryl explaining how he channels the ET – Bashar.

History of Homo Sapiens

A lot of genetic material of humans had arrived through comets and meteors that landed on Earth. Those genetic materials had developed more naturally in other planets and were simply transported here. It was sort of organic soup. This phenomenon of genetic material being transported from other planets is called Panspermia. Many planets are seeded with such genetic material always. Those genetic materials took billions, billions, billions, and billions of years to develop to that state of genetic soup. But let’s start a little before human history on Earth.

Firstly there was a planet called Maldek in our solar system which had life. But it was destroyed in the past and doesn’t exist anymore. Then incarnations moved to Mars, which also couldn’t last for long because an asteroid destroyed the life in it. The Earth was first created by a collision between two larger heavenly bodies. Earth had the perfect atmosphere to promote the growth of such genetic material transported from other planets to full-grown animals and hominid species through evolution. The moon has been tinkered with by other “beings” for a variety of ways to balance the Earth so that it doesn’t meet a similar fate as Mars or Maldek.

But Earth is not the only planet that had ‘life’ then. There is another 12th Planet called “Nibiru”, which also orbits our Sun. But it is not visible from the Earth, has a very large orbital path, and takes 3600 years to complete one orbit around the Sun. A portion of its orbital path is much closer to our solar system and in those specific years, the planet may become visible from Earth. It used to be inhabited by humanoid beings called the Annu. They were very tall and had slightly blueish skin.

The Annus visited Earth in order to mine gold and minerals. But mining gold was not easy and they needed expert people to do the job than they brought on their spaceship. They saw the hominid species on Earth and thought of genetically modifying them with their own genes to get the job done. So that the hybrid species would have both the brawn of the hominids and the intelligence of the Annus. This was not their original plan though. But they went ahead without informing their people in Nibiru.

So the hominid species which were then originally evolving on Earth (Homo Erectus) were genetically modified by the Annunaki to create Homo Sapiens. The Homo Erectus has continued to evolve to what we know today as Sasquatch. Sasquatches can travel inter-dimensionally and prefer not to be seen by humans. Hence we don’t see them and think they are a myth. In fact, many animals on our planets have such super-duper skills, which humans don’t (yet). Anyway, the Annus was renamed as the Annunakis by the newly created, hybrid species which we today know as humans.

The Annunakis really liked how the humans treated them as Gods. By perpetuating this concept of being ‘Gods’ and the humans “being made as to the images of God”, they could exert this kind of control and make humans do whatever they wanted. To continue exercising this control, they created the concept of ‘Religion’. If there was no concept of religion created by the Annunaki, humans would have had more direct access to spirituality. 

Now, remember that the small group of Annus who had originally visited Earth had neither planned this genetic splicing of hominids. Nor had they informed the council of Annus back at their planet Nibiru. Eventually, when the council of Annus got to know what these guys have done, they were shocked, annoyed and withdrew the Annunakis from Earth. Altering the hominids genetically was illegal as per their laws. But they felt responsible for the fate of the newly created humans. So they started occasionally visiting Earth and being seen by some humans as ‘Angels from the sky’ and guiding them on their path. Concepts of “blue blood” or royal lineages are coined from the idea of the blueish complexioned Annunakis.

Fast forward to 2021, we have been visited by many other ETs to date. Example ET races: Sirius, Arcturus, Pleiades, Orions, etc. I won’t call all of them as ‘aliens’ because some of them are ‘Hybrids’ and have been created from human genes too. In that way, they are “related” to us genetically. The Essassani are one such hybrid species that share human genes. And hence, Bashar’s civilization (Essassani) wants to help their ancestors (humans) in the Ascension process. Because we humans are the 5th hybrid species who will help create another 6th Hybrid species. In fact, Bashar said that between the years 2025 to 2033, we will open up to direct contact from hybrid ET races like the Ya’yels. Here’s a diagram shared in one of Bashar’s videos about the various interstellar races and their symbols, including our’s (Earth) in the center.

Interstellar races


This is an enneagram of various interstellar beings in this universe. The symbol in the center represents us Humans. Each symbol are a vibrational representation of the race. In other words, they are the ‘phone numbers’ to connect to those civilizations in states of meditation by focussing & visualizing on that specific symbol. The Annunaki symbol didn’t have enough space in the box and was extended outside to show what it looks like. In fact, their spaceships also looked like their symbol.

What do the aliens want from us?

To date, humans have contributed their genes to the ‘Greys’ to form the 6th interstellar, hybrid species of beings. These beings are called “Hybrid children”, who contain up to 15% of human genes. They also have genes from other interstellar species. These hybrid embryos are now maturing in a spaceship and taken care of by other ETs. They have telepathic abilities and are much advanced than humans. They are going to come and start living on Earth in the near future (2050). Hence the ETs are going to make the first contact with us in 2025 so that we humans collectively move towards that future. Then in 1000 years from then on, all the civilizations from this universe will eventually mix with each other to form the 7th hybrid race.


The hybrid children that I talked about were created by the Greys through what we know as “alien abductions”. Please don’t get frightened or misled by this. It was a choice made by the “higher mind” or the “souls” of the people who were abducted. These choices or ‘contracts’ between the human souls and other ETs happen during sleep when we leave our bodies behind to return to the spirit realm. So when the abductions may have happened, it would have felt more like a dream. Some of the people may even remember those abductions as real. These hybrid children are telepathically connected to the various gene donors from Earth. They also get visitations from their human donors in their dreams.

This topic of spirit realm and souls is huge. And I will share more about these in some other blog posts.


Who are the ‘Greys’?

The Greys are genetically mutated humans from an Earth in another parallel reality. They are not the Reptilians. Nor the same as other interstellar races. The Greys have a sad history and played an important part in helping create the Hybrid children. The Greys were originally humans in another parallel reality, who reached the pinnacle of scientific advancements. But during that process, they stopped valuing the matters of the heart like empathy and connection with nature and started regarding only intellectual development as the only path. In the process of their scientific advancements, they mutated and cloned themselves so heavily that they didn’t resemble humans anymore. They didn’t have spirit guides to stop them from their path to doom.

Eventually in their quest for advancements without spiritual/emotional growth led them to destroy their own planet (their version of Earth in that parallel reality). After the destruction, they realized what they had done. They wanted to establish contact with humans from another parallel reality in order to continue breeding their own species using our unmutated genes. So they “tunneled” through parallel realities and found Earth. They genetically spliced and mixed their genes with ours to create multiple hybrid civilizations across the Galaxy. They eventually found another interstellar race, the ‘Mantis’ beings from Zeta Reticuli, who agreed to guide them in their ascension process and overseeing this entire project of hybridization that would take place over eons. Ever since then, the Greys have also used human genes and created the new hybrid species which I referred to as the hybrid children. They are here as a lesson for us to learn so that we don’t repeat the same mistake that they did with their planet. And the Greys ensure that we don’t go down the same destiny that they met by helping us as spirit guides.


What’s next?

These are very exciting times! Don’t be afraid of aliens or ETs. Except for a very few, most of them are your friends. Your spirit guides, gods, angels that you pray to and who have helped you so far are mostly ETs from another planet or constellations. These ETs are helping us evolve from Homo Sapiens to Homo Galactica by raising our vibrations. So far my experience with my spirit guides has profoundly changed my life. And it is only 6 months that my spiritual awakening had started. There is a lot of misinformation, junk, and nonsense on the internet about them because of no solid evidence. But these beings will soon start making contact with you between the years 2023 to 2033 if you are mentally and emotionally prepared to meet them. If not, you will never see them. Initially, the contact will start sporadically, maybe at an individual level. Meaning only a few individuals will see or interact with the aliens. But eventually, their visibility to others will expand.


Bashar has many pieces of advice on how to mentally prepare yourself for your first contact. I am not affiliated with Darryl’s website, products, or anything. I am recommending them based on my experience of how awesome it is. Other ways to prepare yourself for a new future and a new world is to work on your negative belief systems, self-awareness, and self-love so that you are fully ready for it when it happens. Do share your thoughts and comments below.