About Horary Astrology

Horary astrology gives an answer to only one question asked to the astrologer. You can get answers to any burning questions you have with great detail and insight into the circumstances. Examples of questions that you can ask: “Will I get this job? When will we get married? Should I relocate to this country or not? Should I buy a house? Will my new business be profitable?” etc.

It is different from other branches of western astrology, like natal, mundane, electional, etc that way. 

It doesn’t cover other aspects of your life which were not part of the original question. It also doesn’t cover your personality/life story (natal astrology), the best time to start an initiative (electional astrology) or the fate of a country (Mundane astrology).

What is Horary Astrology?

The word ‘Horary’ comes from the word ‘hour’. It works based on who is asking the question and in which planetary hour. The person asking the question is called the ‘querent’. The topic he/she is asking about is called the ‘quesited’. When the astrologer understands the question, then a horoscope is cast for that moment.

The alignment of the stars in the horoscope indicates the circumstances around the querent’s situation (regarding the question asked) and how it will turn out to be. The concept is that the querent asks a question only when that ‘thought’ or ‘question’ wanted to be born. And any type of ‘birthing’ process is always in sync with the planetary alignments in the sky at that moment. Hence the planets accurately reflect the nature of the question and what will be the future outcome based on it’s present vibrations.

Can you change your future?

Yes you can. Remember that the planetary alignment when the question was asked only states what the future could be. It is a possibility, a potential if you continued in your current path. But if you change your mindset, then you can change your ‘vibrations’. And hence by changing your vibrations, you can change your future. I have covered more on how to change your vibrations by changing your mindset in my videos.

The sidereal method of horary astrology should not be confused with this western counterpart. The Vedic (sidereal) equivalent of horary astrology is called ‘Prashna Paddhati’ (questioning method) or ‘Prashnanusthana’ (locating the question). These western and Vedic methods are very different from each other and should you choose one. Do not mix the reading of one with the other. Both are good at predicting the outcome of a question in their own ways. This website focusses only on the horary using western astrology.

A brief history of horary astrology

Horary astrology has its origins in Sumeria. It is one of the branches of traditional astrology. Some say it had originated from the old greek methods known as Katarche. It was very popular in the medieval and renaissance eras. However, it gained great prominence in the 17th century because of William Lily. Some other famous astrologers who left a written legacy of their own research and horary practice are Mashallah, Bonatti, Saunders, Lilly, etc. Olivia Barclay republished Lily’s work in her books and founded the Qualified Horary Practioner certificate/diploma courses for teaching horary astrology.

In the 21st Century, there are few notable astrologers who have done significant work in simplifying the art of horary readings. One such example is John Frawley, my guru, who is well known for his witty writing style and accurate methodology. Another notable astrologer is Anthony Louis. I personally find Frawley much simpler, more accurate, and easier to use. If you have been acquainted with horary astrology for some time and know the basics, only then I would recommend William Lilly’s book because by that time you will have a point of view.

Do you want to learn horary astrology?

If you are interested in learning Horary Astrology, below are some books that have been recommended over and over again by various astrologers who practice horary. You can simply download the free sample of these ebooks on the Kindle app (supported for both android and iphones) and check if you like it before you purchase. I have read these ones – The Horary Textbook, Horary Astrology Rediscovered, Horary Astrology Plain and Simple, Christian Astrology, Astrology For Yourself, How to Read Your Astrological Chart, and would highly recommend them. I also recommend the other books below because have received good reviews from other readers.

The Horary Textbook | Horary Astrology Rediscovered | Horary Astrology Plain & Simple | Christian Astrology | Bonatti on Horary | Horary Astrology (Ema Kurent) | Sports Astrology